Thursday, March 5, 2009

We've Moved!

Gotta love the freaks out there. I am currently hiding my online identity from someone so unfortunately that means I have to change a lot of things. Please, please leave comment with your email address and I will share with you the new address of "Pretty Things".


  1. Found your Real Baby Peach blog through the bump, and would love to continue reading. I'm just about 15 weeks along, so it's been nice to read about someone going through the same stages of pregnancy as I am. =)

    I can't seem to comment on your other blog though!

    alithia34 at yahoo dot com

  2. That sucks! Stalker creeps are irritating.

    aaron dot chrisandlaura at gmail dot com. Thanks, girl.

    Don't know if you know me, this is WaitingformyMiracle from the Bump.

  3. I can't get in anymore. Did we move again?